Work With Us

The Trivialist is as much an entertainment brand as it is an incubator of games and ideas. There is more than one way to quiz a cat, or person, and that is why we aim to collaborate with independent hosts.

If you love hosting but hate writing questions, we can help. If you have a game idea but need tech help, let’s work through it together. If your game is doing well but you want to be part of something bigger, that is exactly what we are looking for.

There are three main ways to get involved.

1 – Work for an existing game. As our brands grow, we will look at add more nights and time slots and thus need talented hosts, writers and producers to get invovled.

2 – Join the family. This is all about pain points. Maybe you have a strong following but want to take a break once in a while, or are burnt out on creating content. Partner with us! Not only could we help you better serve your players, but maybe some of our community would want to check out your game.

3 – Startup. If you have a great idea for a trivia night or game show, we can help that dream become a reality. Maybe you have a big following from some other form of entertainment and would like to add a quiz to your lineup. Getting new games off the ground is so fun and rewarding.

If any of that sounds like you, hit us up at